When it comes to reveal marketing, variety is the key to long-term audience engagement and growth. There are two key ways you can diversify your campaigns to get maximum engagement: mixing up your content and mixing up your interaction types (Experiences).

5 Reasons To Diversify Your Interactive Content

  1. Pushing the same content over and over will result in the same reaction from your audience. Over time, they’ll be able to predict what you are saying and the message will be met with less enthusiasm.
  2. People are thirsty for new information, providing them with a variety of different types of content is more likely to keep them coming back for more.
  3. Not every person in your audience responds the same to each message. For example, one person may be more responsive to a discount while another may engage more with trivia or other sticky content.
  4. Marketing your business requires a multi-faceted approach. You can’t build a solid foundation using discounts and promotions alone. Employing multiple strategies and appropriate content for each will result in larger gains for your business.
  5. Employing more than one psychological principle of marketing in your content will maximize your opportunities for engagement. For example, one reader may be more responsive to FOMO while another will identify more with the Endowment Effect. Read more about the psychological principles of reveal marketing.

Want an example of great interactive content variation?  Check out this case study (PDF) from one of our customers, BistroMD.

5 Ways To Experiment With Different Experience Types

The Zembula platform offers so many different types of interactions, from the original Scratch-it, to Peel-it, Push-it, Zip-it, Tear-it and more, and each interaction type brings with it a different user experience, as well as the potential for creating some really fun and unique creative that lends itself to each type of Experience. 

Tear it

Use sticky content in combination with the Tear-it to reveal multiple messages behind each tear-it piece. This is great if you are promoting multiple benefits of your company or product. Here’s an example.

Push it

Have fun with your creative using our Push-it Experience. You can play with transparency as you push your reveal message over the top of your cover image, as you see here.


Got a clothing promotion? Use our Zip-it to reveal the offer by unzipping a jacket, for example. See it in action!


Our original Scratch-it Experience now offers different scratch patterns, so your user can reveal the image using one of our premade shapes, or you can upload your own. Try it out here!


You know the satisfaction of peeling the back off a sticker. Well, you can give your audience the same fun experience of peeling a cover off to reveal a message using our cool Peel-it interaction!

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