If you are looking to generate leads, a great way to do so is to leverage contests. An effective, well planned contest offers the potential of acquiring large amounts of new leads. 

Zembula Experiences are natural complements to contests. In this article, we will guide you through the process of using Kickofflabs and Leadpages in combination with your Zembula campaigns to create a successful contest.

Step 1: Create a Kickoff Campaign

Log into Kickofflabs and click on “Add New Campaign” at the upper right of your dashboard.

Next, define how people will enter your contest. You will select Use My Own Existing Forms, and then Existing HTML Page.

Next, choose a thank you page.

Grab the Campaign ID for your newly created campaign. It is the number at the end of the campaign URL in your Kickofflabs account:

Step 2: Set up your Experience

To create your redeem URL for your Kickofflabs contest, you will use the Campaign ID API subscribe endpoint. This sounds complicated, but really all you need to do is take the following URL and replace {CAMPAIGN ID} with your the number you grabbed from your Kickofflabs campaign:

https://api.kickofflabs.com/v1/{CAMPAIGN ID}/subscribe

Paste that URL into the Redeem URL in the Experience editor:

Switch the Button Type to Advanced.

Under Redeem Type, select Email Acquisition and leave the redeem URL parameter as Email.

Create a Snippet with this Experience and decide if you want to have the Experience appear as an Overlay, Inline, or Slide-in embed. Copy the code, which you will be adding along with some other code to your Leadpage.

Step 3: Set up your Leadpage

Create a leadpage and go to the Analytics section on the left bar of the page. Add the following code to handle the redeem. Important: this code needs to go in the “Head Section Tracking Code” section of the Analytics section:

<!-- Zembula Callback Function Definition -->


var zembula = {

redeemed: function(id, params) {

  qwest.get(params.url).then(function(resp, data) {

    window.location = data.redirect_url





<!-- Quest Ajax library (see https://github.com/pyrsmk/qwest for documentation) -->

<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/qwest/4.4.6/qwest.min.js"></script>

Next, add the Snippet to a custom HTML object, and place it where you want to appear on the Leadpage.

Finally, publish or update your page, and Voila! Watch the leads roll in!

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