How to set up an experience to display on a page only when a visitor comes from a specific link

The Zembula platform makes it easy for you to display specific experiences on your page based on the traffic source, or referrer. For example, say you are running a Facebook ad campaign that directs people to a page on your website, and you would like a specific experience to display only to those people who arrive on that page from the Facebook link. We will use this as an example for the instructions below.

Step 1

Once you have installed and enabled your Universal Code (click here to learn how to do that), head over to the Targeting section.

Go to the website targeting profile you wish to create the trigger for. If you haven't yet set up your first targeting profile, click here to learn how

Step 2

Click on Add Rule Set and name the rule set.

Step 3

Select the campaign you wish to use with this rule set. For more on creating campaigns, click here.

Step 4

Click Add Group and then Add Rule.

From the dropdown menu, select Referrer Domain, then contains from the next menu. Finally, input Be sure not to include http:// or https://.

Step 5

Finally, select whether you would like the experience to display as an Overlay or a Slide-in, make sure the toggle in the upper right corner is set to Live and the one directly above the rule set is set to Enabled. (You will also want to make sure the Slide-in or Overlay are enabled on the campaign level). 

Once that is set, any user who arrives from your link on Facebook will see that specific campaign!

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