Transactional and Triggered campaigns are perfect for marketing departments who are hoping to automate their campaigns and maximize their productivity while remaining personal enough to foster customer relationships.

Zembula Experiences are great because they not only create a fun interactive connection with your customer that inherently feels personal, but when you send these campaigns as a response to customer action, they feel reciprocal in a way that fosters evangelism in your recipient.

Embedding Zembula into the Receipt Process

After a customer makes a purchase is a great time to contact them and follow up, ensuring that they continue their interaction with your brand. It’s the perfect opportunity to drive loyalty program sign ups and ensure your customer becomes a loyal evangelist.


After a customer makes a purchase, you should push to make further connections with them, fostering loyalty for the future. Online retailers can embed a Zembula Experience in their email receipts to drive customers to loyalty program sign ups, keeping your relationship with recipients going beyond the purchase.


As someone commits to your platform or service, B2B and software retailers can encourage adoption by driving new users to educational content. Embedding a Zembula Experience in your receipt that drives to an educational white paper can ensure customer adoption and loyalty.


When a hospitality customer makes a purchase, an opportunity to foster customer engagement and loyalty comes into play. Loyalty programs are especially important for this industry, as they capture repeat travelers and ensure you remain their #1 choice for accommodations. Drive your guests to a loyalty program sign up with an Experience and ensure they feel like a valued part of your business.

Driving Welcome Nurture Open Rates and Sign Ups

Welcoming new customers is key for every business, but nowhere is that more true than the B2B space. If you don’t have an email nurture you should craft one right now, and use a Zembula Experience to entice your newly acquired customers to sign up with a triggered campaign.


When you’re asking customers to make complicated financial decisions, informing them about the next steps after that decision is made is the key to winning their loyalty. Welcome new customers with a short email nurture or downloadable content that informs them what comes next.


For hospitality industries, loyalty program are of special importance because they allow you to build strong reciprocal relationships with business travelers and other frequent users. Drive your new customers to sign up for your loyalty program right away and create a strong foundation for your connection.

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