Zembula offers the ability to use your own domain via a CNAME record, and point it to your Zembula content. This gives you, the marketer, the ability to brand your Zembula content and easily access via a memorable domain name.

Ready to personalize and brand your Zembula URL? Here's how to customize your Zembula URL to reflect your organization's name.

Determine your custom URL (aka CNAME)

First, determine the custom URL you would like to use to point to your Zembula URL. For example, you could set up "reveal.example.com" to point to "yourcompanyname.zmbl.co". Come up with something simple, and easy to remember.

Add a CNAME Record to your Domain Name

Now that you have defined a CNAME, you will need access to your Domain Name Service (DNS) Provider (e.g.,GoDaddy, AWS Route53, Google Cloud DNS, etc.) and add a CNAME to your own domain as you specified above. Talk to your System Administrator, and have them point your CNAME to the URL specified in your company dashboard. In the example below, this customer would have their CNAME pointed to "hudson-pack.zmbl.co".

Connect Your CNAME to Your Zembula


The final step in this process is to let us know of your CNAME and verify the name. Again, let's go back to your company dashboard, click on Settings, and request your custom CNAME. After hitting "request", you'll get a new button that says "Verify", that's your final step. Click on "Verify" and check out your results. If everything returns ok, then you're good to go!

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