It’s a prime goal of every marketing department, industry aside, to drive revenue and foster customer loyalty by encouraging recipients to become repeat users or purchasers.

Zembula Experiences are made for fostering this type of engagement by giving you the flexibility to craft an endless number of campaigns.

The most effective use cases for our product are sticky in nature and allow themselves to be automated. We’ve collected a variety of examples below for you to steal and apply to your marketing efforts.

Using Sticky Content to Drive Revenue

Sticky content is anything that’s memorable, and reusable across a variety of campaigns. It is a favorite of marketing departments everywhere because you can set it and forget it, reusing it over and over again. Whether you drive recipients to a purchasing page, a pricing page, a demo page, or to some content intended to move them down the funnel, sticky content drives revenue, no discount required! Check out the use case we’ve developed below, and read more to hear ideas on how you can apply this strategy to a variety of industries.


Zembula Experiences, and the feelings of loyalty they foster, are a great tool for Business to Business (B2B) companies to use to drive an automated email list of recipients to a pricing page, moving them down the funnel towards purchasing. Beyond simply driving recipients to a pricing or demo page, it’s also a great tool to serve up content of all types with the goal of moving recipients closer to purchasing.

Subscription Based E-Commerce

For online subscription-based services, the biggest hurdle is getting free users to upgrade to paying customers. Targeting these users with a set and forget Facebook campaign that directs them to a purchasing/pricing page will drive conversions with little effort. Best of all, this Experience can be reused in other campaigns, from email nurtures to retargeting ads.


When you’re offering customers a loan, or some other type of financial decision, facts become especially important. Use a Zembula Experience to deliver comforting statistics or important value propositions of your offer and foster the customer’s trust in your institution. Repurpose this Experience for use in social campaigns, or include it in your welcome nurture. Because it’s sticky content, the general fact or statistic that you serve up should be compelling to recipients of all kinds.


When you market directly to the consumer, whether you're a brick and mortar retailer or an Ecommerce business, it’s easy to use a Zembula Experience to engage recipients with information or teasers about your new products. Whether you send a targeted email campaign or you share with everyone on Facebook, your recipient's curiosity will be piqued. Be sure to direct them to a branded unique purchasing page for your new product.


For the hospitality industry, new travel locations are one of the prime excitement generators that can entice a recipient into planning a vacation. Using Zembula Experiences primes your customers to value the message you’re delivering, which is “Have Fun! Go on Vacation!” This strategy is also effective for driving revenue by informing recipients about new hotel features like loyalty programs or free wifi.


When a B2B company launches a new feature, clients can be confused and have questions. It is important to provide clear information in a unique way to foster happy, loyal customers who in turn will become brand evangelists. Give them the new information they need with a little dose of fun interactivity through a Zembula Experience. Send them to a form fill sign up that allows them to opt in to an email nurture that teaches them what they need to know.


E-commerce giants have cornered the market on providing people with products they need on a recurring basis. Get a bite of that revenue by using an Experience to drive customers to reorder their favorite products or upgrade to something better.

Whether your marketing department deals with retail products, software as a service (SaaS), consumer or professional services, or a variety of other industries, providing marketing content surrounding new products or features is key to driving revenue. Entice and excite your recipient with fun interactive experiences that get them pumped up about new products or features.

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