From within your analytics dashboard you will be provided with powerful engagement metrics such as:

High Level Analytics

The top bar within your analytics dashboard provides the following data. It is also illustrated in a graph to help you visualize trends in your experience performance.

Page Views

How many visitors have viewed your experience page.

Unique Page Views

How many individual visitors have viewed your experience page. Multiple visits by the same individual are counted only once.

Started Interacting

The number of people who have begun interacting with your experience.

Finished Interacting

The number of people who have hit enough interaction points for your CTA button to appear.

Clicked CTA

The number of visitors who click on your CTA button upon completing the Zembula Experience.

Engagement Time

Average Time Interacting

The average of the time all visitors have spent interacting with your experience.

Total Time Interacting

The cumulative amount of time all viewers of your page have spent interacting.

Traffic Info

How many visitors interacted with your experience on desktop vs. mobile devices.

Completion Rate

The percent of visitors who completed the flow from viewing the page to clicking the CTA button.

Top Performers

If you are comparing the data from multiple experiences, you can see which experience has performed the best by completion rate.

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