Do you remember the feel of tearing off phone numbers on bulletin boards, or tearing to reveal a redemption code on a mailer? We wanted to evoke that nostalgic feeling with our newest experience. With Tear-It, you can reveal interesting facts, ask trivia questions, or reveal a discount (or not!). It’s up to you.

Design and User Experience Tips:

  • Plan how many tearing points you will have; Zembula supports a maximum of 5 tear sections, with a minimum of 1.

  • Plan what direction they will be torn in

  • Be aware of placement of messaging underneath tear it locations

  • Don’t want to give away the total reveal message underneath just one tear location - you want the user to interact with all tear points to get to the final reveal

  • All tear sections must be revealed before the CTA is shown

  • Think about what tear experiences you encounter in everyday life for inspiration

Tear Reveal Experiences in the Wild


Tear Outline Color

You can choose the color and transparency of the edge of the tear sections. If you want them to be completely invisible, just set the transparency to zero.

Starting Side

You can choose if you want the user to tear from the right, left, top or bottom.

Number of Sections

Specify how many pieces the user will need to tear in order to reveal your message.


This is the spacing from the top, bottom, left and right that each tear section will have. The higher the number, the more spacing there will be between the tear section and the edge of the Experience.

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