Setting up your email acquisition Experience is simple. As you are building your Experience, you will set up the email acquisition piece under the “Reveal” tab.

Step 1

Expand the Settings dropdown and where it says "On Reveal, show..." select Acquisition (form).

The two options available are to submit the form once the CTA is clicked, or, if you have access to a developer, you can customize the button function by selecting Advanced. Here is some additional information about advanced customizations.

Form Submission

First, you'll want to select the name of the ESP you have your form set up with, or if you have set up a custom integration, select that.

More about setting up a custom integration can be found here.

Next, you'll see a list of all connected accounts associated with your ESP integration. Select the one that you want to send your collected emails to.

Then, you'll want to specify the list where you want to collect your emails within your ESP.

Headline and Button Details

After you've determined the behavior of your CTA button, then you can customize it with an optional headline. You can also customize the font, text color, button color, and border radius on the button itself.

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