How Many Experiences Can I Have in My Library?

The number of active or expired experiences you can have in your library

What is considered one Experience in my library?

One Experience is either an active, unpublished or expired Experience that is in your library.

How many experiences can I have in my library at any given time?

Your purchase plan determines the number of active or expired experiences allowed regardless of time frame. Please refer to your original Zembula customer agreement to determine how many Zembula Experiences your company is allowed to build.

You can add and delete experiences you build at any time.

Below is an example of 8 active experiences in a library.

So, if your plan allows for 8 active Experiences, and you’d like to add more, you either need to delete some of your current Experiences, or call us for upgrade options.

What is an impression? How are impressions calculated?

An impression is counted every time an experience is loaded on a page.

What happens if I exceed my plan limits?

If you exceed your number of impressions or experiences we will automatically upgrade to an appropriate plan. If you would like more experiences, contact our client success team and we can easily upgrade you to a plan that fits your needs.

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