There is a whole world of possibilities for sharing your Zembula Experiences. Here are a few ways we use it:

Zembula Use Cases

Customer Acquisition - Drive to Demo

We utilize our inline embed capability to create a unique interactive experience right on our home page, with the goal of enticing users to set up a demo with us! Click the image to see it in action!

Content Promotion

Whenever we have special content we would like to promote to our audience, we use our overlay embed ability as a way to create some added excitement to it. Click above to see it in action!

Lead Capture

We’ve utilized the Snippet’s advanced API functionality to reveal a form once the Experience has been interacted with. This provides a unique way to promote sign ups for newsletters, downloads, and more! Click above to try it out

On Our Blog

We use Snippets in our blog sidebar to promote special content and present useful facts in a fun and interesting way! Click the image to see it in real life!

Additional Use Cases

But the opportunities to use Snippets don’t end with us! Take a look at how other ways Zembula Snippets can be used!

Customer Acquisition - Seasonal offers

Promote a seasonal campaign, such as a vacation special, as an overlay embed to greet your visitors when they land on your website!

Brand Awareness using Sticky Content

Using sticky content in your Experiences is always a great way to promote brand awareness, and with Snippets, you can add them to any page, further enhancing engagement with the page content!

Customer Loyalty

When your customers have a birthday, give them a special offer when they log into their account management page by embedding a Snippet with a special birthday Experience!

Finally, a few more ideas:

  • Product Releases: Launching a hot new piece of apparel or a cool new app? Announce it as an overlay embed on your website home page!

  • Contests: Incentivize participation in contests and make them more engaging. Promote them inline on your blog sidebar, or as an overlay on your home page.

  • Transactional Messaging: Utilize snippets in your digital receipts, encouraging your shoppers to make additional purchases.

  • Welcome Series: Use your welcome series as an opportunity to immediately hook your customers and build a solid foundation for a great relationship.

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