After the success of our popular Slide-It comes Push-It! Push an image over your cover image from any direction, instead of revealing what’s underneath. This will come in handy for before-and-afters, any kind of movement (think cars, trains, airplanes, boats), and moving objects (like balloons, sports balls, or even paper airplanes!). Click the image below to test it out!

Design and User Experience Tips:

  • Putting together a concept for this may seem a bit backwards; the reveal image is pushed over the cover image, instead of interacting to reveal something underneath

  • Consider how the reveal image will relate to the cover image. Will it be an addition to the cover image? Or will it completely replace? Will you be pushing something out of the way

  • Think of working in layers - what can be added on top of your original image. Think about a hotel's turn down service by placing mints or card on top of the bed. Decorating birthday cakes has a similar interaction of pushing/placing the decoration onto the cake


Circle Color

Set the color and transparency of the hint circle.

Starting Side

Define the side of the Experience you want the interaction to begin from.

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