The Scratch-it is the original interaction that Zembula started with, and it’s still one of the most popular. Taking inspiration from lottery games and other fun scratch to reveal interactions, the Scratch-it is sure to generate high engagement and provide a novel, enjoyable experience for your audience!

Design and User Experience Tips

  • Make sure that there is enough contrast between the cover and reveal images so that when the user starts scratching, they understand that there is an interaction taking place. For example, a white cover image over a white reveal image would make it very difficult for the user to see that there is an interaction occurring.

  • The size, color and position of the Scratch-it hint is fully customizable, so think about how you want to place it in relation to the rest of the content of your cover image.

  • You can customize the scratching pattern as well, so consider if you want to use one of our pre-loaded designs, or upload one of your own that ties in with your creative.


Circle Color

You can choose the color of the circle as well as the transparency.

Circle Size

Set the size of the of the Scratch-it hint.

Horizontal and Vertical Position

You can set where you want the hint to appear on the Experience. You can specify where you want it to appear vertically and horizontally.


Set the scratching pattern to any of our pre-loaded patterns: fingerprint, smiley face, dollar, heart, and star. Or, you can upload your own custom pattern to use, as long as it’s a 100x100 SVG file.

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