We all know the experience of peeling a sticker off its backing. Or, perhaps the contests we see at fast food restaurants where you peel to reveal your prize off a soda cup. It’s that essence that we’ve captured in our Peel-it Experience. Your audience will feel anticipation and excitement as they peel away the cover image to reveal your message below!

Design and User Experience Tips

  • While the Experience itself is 900x900 pixels square, your creative can be made to appear other shapes. For example, you can create a cover image that has a primarily circular appearance, just like a sticker that you peel. Think about all of the different shapes of decals and stickers and let that inspire your creative!

  • Consider the placement of your messaging based on how much you want your audience to interact before revealing the message. If you want them to interact more, then place your reveal message farther away from the peeling corner. Vice versa if you want them to see the message more quickly.


Starting corner

Choose which corner you want the peeling experience to start from.

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