Zippers are everywhere. They’re on our jeans, jackets, purses, and even shoes. Unzipping is a natural part of our everyday life. With our Zip-it Experience, we’ve brought that interaction to the digital sphere, and it’s an extremely versatile interaction to reveal your message.

Design and User Experience Tips

  • Think about how the zipping experience happens in everyday life. The interaction lends itself well to apparel promotions, such as unzipping a jacket.

  • The zipper coloring and transparency is fully customizable, so consider how subtle or bold you want the zipper to appear in relation to your creative.

  • You can also adjust the placement of the zipper, so be mindful so that it doesn’t interfere with any important messaging on your cover image.


Pulley color

The pulley is the part of the zipper that you actually pull on. You can set the color using HEX or RGB colors. You can also set its transparency.

Background color

This is the background that the zipper sits on. You can customize the color using HEX or RGB values, and you can also adjust its transparency. If you don’t want a background, simply set the transparency to zero.

Tooth color

This is the color of the zipper itself. Again, it is fully customizable in color and transparency.

Starting side

This is the direction from which the user will start interacting. Top and bottom sets up the zipper vertically, while the left and right sets it up horizontally.


You aren’t limited to having the zipper appear in the center of the Experience. You can adjust how close to the top or bottom, left or right it is displayed on the Experience.

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