The Slide-it Experience is another in the same family as the Pull-it and Push-it. The key difference in this interaction is that instead of pulling another image over the top, such as with the Pull-it, or pushing the cover image away as in the Push-it, the cover image stays stationary. As the user interacts, the reveal image appears while the cover image disappears. It’s similar to the car washing commercials: “Wax on. Wax off.”

Design and User Experience Tips

  • Look for inspiration for your creative in ways you find this type of experience in everyday life, such as the wax-on, wax off example.

  • This Experiences lends itself well to before and after concepts. For example, a cosmetic company could show a model without makeup on, which is then slid away to reveal the same model with makeup on.

  • Another great example would be fill in the blanks, as shown in the example above.


Circle Color

Set the color and transparency of the hint circle.

Starting Side

Define the side of the Experience you want the interaction to begin from.

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