They say that breaking a mirror causes 7 years of bad luck. But, our Smash-it Experience will only bring fun and excitement for your audience! This Experience is inspired by the act of breaking ice, as shown below. Or those fire extinguishers that are stored behind glass that says “Break glass in case of emergency.” It’s a dynamic way of engaging your audience!

Design and User Experience Tips

  • Consider everyday experiences where breaking glass, ice or any other object takes place, and let that be your inspiration.

  • This interaction works with less literal ideas. The example above plays on the saying “break the ice” in its messaging.

  • Consider the placement of the Experience hint as it relates to the creative. Make sure important pieces of your message aren’t hidden by the hint. 

  • Given that the hint placement is fully customizable, the piece to be broken doesn’t need to be in the center of the creative. You can play with different placement based on your creative concept.


Arrow Color

Set the color of the arrow using HEX or RGB values. You can also adjust the transparency.

Dot color

This is the smaller dot in the center. Color and transparency is fully customizable.

Circle Color

This is the outer circle. Again, you can customize the color and transparency of this element.

Size, Horizontal and Vertical Position

You can make the hint as large or as small as you like, and you can adjust its placement both horizontally and vertically.

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