You can share and embed your Zembula reveal and video experiences on your website as an overlay, slide-in or inline placement. Each placement type has their own settings to allow for maximum publishing control. 


Using the overlay embed option is great for marketers who want to keep traffic directly on their site, but do not want to alter the design of their website.

An experience in overlay can conclude with a CTA that exits the pop-up, goes to another page in a new tab, or – by using API hooks or URL parameters – can end by adding an item to a buyer’s shopping cart or applying a coupon code.

Click here to download our overlay design template for reveal.


The Slide-in feature offers you yet another fun way for your customers to interact with your experiences, directly on your website. It’s a unique way of getting your message across without relying on a pop up window to grab your audience’s attention.

Click here to download our slide-in design template for reveal.


When embedded inline, your experience becomes integrated into your webpage experience. This gives you complete control over how your viewers see and interact with your experience.

To learn how to embed your experience into your website, click here. 

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