With Zembula campaigns, you can easily share your Experiences with your audience. The Zembula platform offers 4 different types of campaigns, based on your goals: 

  1. Timeline - Great for time-based campaigns, such as a seasonal promotion

  2. A/B Test - Gather marketing insights and performance for your Experiences. Compare and test your Experiences 

  3. Sweepstakes - Use this when running a contest or special promotion

  4. Rotational - Ideal for continually providing fresh and relevant content on your website

Live updates for easy maintenance

Once your campaign is shared, you can add, change or remove your experiences from within the Zembula platform without having to touch any code.

Control when and how you want your Experiences to display

You are able to control the duration that you want your experiences to display. For some campaigns, you can also set the probability with which they are displayed. For example, if you are running a sweepstakes, you may want to have your winning experience display less frequently than another experience in the campaign. The Zembula platform enables you to weight the frequency as desired.

Set and forget

Once you have your campaign set up and your code embedded, the Zembula platform takes care of the rest. Experiences will display according to the probability and time schedules you have set.

Track the performance of your campaigns

The Zembula platform offers real-time updates of the performance of your campaigns. Watch the results of your A/B test, sweepstakes and other campaigns as they roll in.

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