The A/B Test campaign enables you to measure content performance from every campaign. By testing out different messages, creative and calls to action, you can discover your audience’s preferences and optimize future campaigns. Use it whenever you want to get an accurate understanding of user behavior and what messaging, creative, or offer your audience responds to most.

With A/B testing, you set the probability by which each experience is displayed. Once a user is presented with an experience, they are cookied, and only see that particular experience until you restart the test. 

Campaign ideas

  • A/B Test campaigns are versatile and can be shared via email or as any website embed

  • Measure which email acquisition marketing program works best

  • Learn which Experience interaction types perform best for your audience

How to set up

Create New Campaign

Head over to the Campaign Dashboard. Click New Campaign at the right.

  1. Select the type of content you want to use. 

  2. Name your campaign

  3. Choose an Experience to associate with it (you can add more later)

  4. Select A/B Test

  5. Click Create Campaign.

Add Experiences

Scroll down to Connected Experiences. You’ll see the first experience you added. You’ll want to add more to be able to rotate through them. 

  1. Click Add Experience and select the next experience you’d like to add. 

  2. Follow prompts to locate and select your Experience.

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have all the experiences added that you would like to include in this campaign.

Set Weight

Next, you’ll need to set the probability for the appearance of each experience.

  • If you’d like each to have the same odds of appearing, give them all the same probability.

  • If you have one or more that you would like to appear more often than the others, simply increase their weight.

What’s next? 

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