In some circumstances, you may want to create a unique campaign for a specific purpose, such as a Facebook or Google Adwords campaign or any social post. You can drive the traffic from your advertising to a specific page on your website and display only the specific experience you have associated with that campaign to that audience, using VIP links.

The instructions below will guide you through setting up triggering an experience using VIP links.

Step 1

Once you have installed and enabled your Universal Code (click here to learn how to do that), head over to the Campaigns section and select the campaign you want to share. Click on the VIP Links link at the top.

Step 2

Name your link and specify the URL to direct to and click Create VIP Link.

Click Copy, and your VIP link will be copied to your clipboard. You will use this link in whatever content block you may be launching. When your audience clicks on it from your ad or post, they will be taken to your specified page and the designated experience will appear!

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