With our TileSlide-it, we take a fun pastime – the sliding puzzle – and turn it into a reveal! This adds a new enhancement to the typical Zembula reveal experience - problem solving! 

Not only does this type of experience require interaction on the user end, but it also encourages them to solve a puzzle to reveal your message. This increases the amount of attention they give the experience, thus translating to a higher likelihood of completing your desired outcome. This is known as the Ikea Effect (see our psychology principles to learn more).

Design and User Experience Tips

  • Make sure that your final image takes up space on each tile, so that it is clear when the tile is in the right place.

  • Make sure that there is significant contrast between the cover and reveal images, so the user can see the empty space to move the tiles around.

  • Keep text simple and minimal.

  • Keep the difficulty level proportionate to the reward.

  • The bottom right corner will always be the starting point for the puzzle.


Tiles per side

The number of tiles you want to have per side of the experience. 4 per side = 16 tiles total.

Edge color

The color of the borders of each tile.


How hard it is to solve. Keep in mind that the more difficult you set the puzzle to be, the bigger the reward the user will expect. 


Once the puzzle is solved, the cover image will either fade out or explode to reveal the message underneath.

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