The Zembula platform allows you to easily set up a direct integration that will populate your collected emails directly into a specified list in your Listrak account. The following instructions will guide you through the setup process.

Log into your Listrak account, and click on Manage, and then Integrations from the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard.

Click on the green button at the right that says New integration. 

Select Email API.

Click on the Setup tab. Name the integration, and then click the check boxes next to List, contact and segmentation under the Access Levels section.

Input the following two Zembula IP addresses, one at a time:

Click Save, and click Save again.

Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret into a text document. You will need this when you set up the integration on the Zembula platform.

Next, head over to the Zembula platform.

Click on Company at the bottom left of the dashboard, and then Data Integrations.

Type in Listrak in the search bar. Click connect.

In the dialogue box that appears, enter the Client ID and Client Secret from the Listrak platform that you copied into a text document, then click Authorize.

You should see a success message at the bottom of the screen. Close the dialogue box by clicking the X at the top right.

Click Edit under the Listrak integration, and name your integration

Then, click on the gear icon at the right and select synchronize. All of your Listrak lists will populate in the area for Integration Forms.

If you have set up segmentation fields in your Listrak account to capture additional data, you can map them here. 

Click on the list you want to use. Select add field. Then select the segmentation group and field from the dropdown menus. (All groups and fields associated with that list will be available). Be sure to change the field from hidden to whatever it needs to be to capture the appropriate data.

Once you have your Listrak account connected, you can use the forms in your Zembula experiences. Click here to learn how to set up your experiences to collect email addresses.

NOTE: ESP's often behave differently, so, in certain circumstances it may be necessary for the success window to open in a new tab, rather than in the same window as the experience.

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