Available APIs

Any data source that is set up in the company settings will appear here. The available fields are formatted in what we call Chips. They are essentially a placeholder for the data from your connected APIs. Another way to think of them is the equivalent of a merge tag in your ESP. You can drag and drop these chips into your LiveImage where you want the dynamic data to populate.

Selected APIs

Selected APIs are those data sources that you have selected to be used in the specific Live Image you are creating. To add available APIs to your list of selected fields, click on Available APIs, hover over the data source you want to add and click the (+) sign.

Email Merge Tags

Email merge tags pull data that is stored in your ESP that you want to pass through into your image. Examples include first name, last name, carrier & tracking number (if you are creating a package tracking image), or any other data you store in your email lists.

Custom Variables

Custom variables can be used in rules or directly as a chip as a way to normalize data or as a placeholder for other API data.


The Live Image builder comes with pre-built templates for you to drag and drop into your Live Image. All of the APIs are connected, and all you have to do is customize the design! We are constantly adding new templates to make building your Live Images even easier.


You have the option of using a gradient, a solid color, or a custom image background for your Live Image, so the options for creativity are wide open. Solid colors and gradients can be dictated by RGB and HEX values. You can also set your brand color palette in the Company Settings section of the platform.


This area houses all of the visual elements that you can use in your Live Image, including shapes from the platform’s shape library, SVG elements that you upload, and any PNG or JPG images you upload. You can also add linked images which will update dynamically according to your API settings.


You can drag various sizes of text into your Live Images. You can adjust the size, font and color of the text once it’s in the image. The entire library of Google Web Fonts is available, and you can also upload any custom font in the Company Settings section of the platform.


Variants are the actual images that will display in your email based on the rules you set. You can customize the size at any point. You can add as many variants as you like and change the order in which they will trigger. You can also choose to have a full fallback image or simply a 1x1 pixel.


Rules dictate how your image will display. Based on the rules you set, different variants of your Live Image will be triggered. For example, you may want to display one variant to people located in an area where the weather is sunny, but a different variant to people in an area where the weather is rainy. This is all done from the Variant Rules area.

Code Export

The code exporter is where you will grab the code to copy and paste into your email editor. It is also where you will specify the merge tags for data you are passing through from your ESP.

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