Zembula’s Live Images utilize data to generate a personalized image that updates every time it loads. This enables marketers to get hyper-personalized with their email messages and develop a more relevant relationship with their audiences.

What is Open Time Personalization?

In the past, email marketing was based on Send-Time Personalization, which meant that the only personalized information that was included was information such as first name, or other parameters that could be passed from the customer record in the CRM or ESP.

Open-Time Personalization, however, relies on data to provide up to the second information based on time, location, and any other parameters you choose to create true 1-to-1 personalized emails. 


Zembula’s Live Images leverage the customer data you collect and enable you to use it to create relevant emails, personalized to each individual opener. We utilize the power of APIs to pull in data, such as weather information, location data, package tracking information, purchase history, and much more. Essentially, if there is an API for your data source, we can use it. And, there is no limit to how many data sources can be used in one Live Image, so you are able to create highly targeted content that will provide unique information for each recipient.

Drag and Drop Editor

Because we know that time is money, and that efficiency is a must when it comes to advanced marketing strategies, we have designed the Zembula Live Image builder interface to be as easy as dragging and dropping images, shapes, text, and other elements. 


To make it even easier for you to create and deploy campaigns using Live Images, we have created several pre-designed templates for you to use. With design elements in place and API data mapped ahead of time, you only need to customize the design.


Within the Live Image itself are variants, which enable you to dictate specifically what you want the individuals in your email audience to see, based on the rules and parameters you set up. This gives you ultimate control over the content you share, and it also opens up the possibility to include a variety of different types of content all in the same image. Additionally, you have full control over the design of the fallback image, ensuring that your customers will always have an enjoyable experience when they open your emails.

Dynamic Updating

The Zembula platform relies on Campaigns to deliver all of our content. The content is what you create: Live Image, Reveal, and Video, and campaigns are the container in which you deliver the content. The beauty of this setup is that you can swap out the content in your email without having to send an update or touch your email code. So, if you find a typo in your Live Image but it’s already been sent, not to worry! Simply replace the Live Image in the campaign with the corrected version and it will be updated automatically.

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