Zembula’s live package tracking enables you to improve your customer’s post-purchase experience by giving them the package tracking information they need, all in one email. The shipment information updates each time the email is open, so your customer no longer needs to click out to track their package.


  • Tracking images update with each and every open. No need to resend information or have your customer click out. 

  • Works with all shipping providers (free plan is for US providers only) 

  • Customizable colors and fonts

  • Works with all email service providers

  • No coding necessary - we generate the snippet all you do is paste it in your template. 

  • A responsive support team to help you with any issues you encounter 

How it works:

Zembula’s live package tracking is very easy to use, and requires little effort on your part. The app gets order and shipment information from your Shopify account and uses it to generate an image with the most up to date status of a shipment. 

The intuitive designer enables you to customize your image with fonts and colors. All you have to do is pick those fonts and colors and then paste the image code into your notification or email template. 

Learn how to customize your live shipment tracking image here.

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