Creating a shipment tracking image is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes. 

Once you have created your account, navigate to the shipment tracking dashboard. Click the Customize Template link at the top right.

You will be taken to the image customizer. Here, you can select the fonts and colors you want for each step along the shipment tracking process. By sliding the bar at the bottom of the image, you can view and customize how each step looks.

First, let’s customize the Preparing step. Simply select the font you want to use from the dropdown, and specify the color. Next, select the background color, and then the colors for the active icon, the icon stroke and the warning color for an alert if the package is delayed.

Next, move the slider to the Shipped step, and follow the same process. Repeat this for all steps along the way.

Finally, specify where you want the image to link to when clicked: the customer’s order confirmation page, or a different URL.

When you are done designing your image, click Save and Close.

Click here to learn how to put your shipment tracking image in your email.

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