When you edit your shipment tracking image, you will see multiple stages: preparing, shipped, in transit, out for delivery, delivered, delayed, and fall back.

These are the various stages that your package will go through on its journey to your customer.


Preparing is displayed when your package is ready for shipment. You’ve printed a label but the package hasn’t been scanned at the carrier facility.


The shipped stage displays once the package has left the carrier facility.

In Transit

The in transit stage displays while the package is en route to your customer. It will display throughout the entire journey of the package until it reaches the out for delivery stage.

Out for Delivery

The out for delivery stage displays when the package is on the delivery vehicle.


The delivered stage displays once the package has been delivered to its destination.


If there is any delay on the package's journey, this image will display.

Fall Back

The fall back image will display if there is an issue getting data from the carrier servers. More about fall back images can be found here.

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