Step 1: Set up the integration

Navigate to the Company section of the platform then click Live Image Integrations at the top of the page

Select the Oauth integration, then enter your Client ID and Secret in the blacked out area shown in the image below.

Congratulations, you're integrated!!

Step 2: Pick a template to Customize

Navigate to the Image section of the dashboard and click on the icon at the top to create a new image.

In the editor, click on the Templates section. Select Retail Templates, then Ratings & Reviews.

Drag the template you want to use onto the artboard, then customize anything you want: fonts, colors, images, icons, etc.

Step 3: Publish the image and export the code

Press the Publish button on the top right of the editor

Under the Action drop down, select Export

Check to make sure that the merge tag for product ID matches your Email Service Provider’s merge tag.

Step 4: Add to your email and deploy

Drop the code snippet in your email template below your product image, then send yourself a test email.

You're all done! Enjoy!!

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