To add 2 Factor Authentication to your Zembula login, navigate to your user profile by clicking the dropdown in the upper right corner of the platform and selecting My Profile:

On your profile settings page, click the toggle that says Configure 2 factor app:

Next, make sure to save the backup codes somewhere safe, such as a password manager like 1Password. If you are using a password manager that has authenticator capabilities, you can scan the QR code to generate your one-time use passcodes.

If you cannot use the QR code, click the link below the QR code to generate a secret key that you will enter into your password manager/authenticator app to set up your 1 time use codes. Once you have done so, use your authenticator to create a one time use code and paste it into the field that says Enter One Time Use Password, then click the return button on your keyboard:

Success! You have now enabled 2 Factor Authentication for your Zembula account.

Information for setting up 1Password Authenticator can be found here.

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