A unique feature that the Zembula platform offers is Optimize. Think of it as an A/B test on steroids. Starting with the content that you want to test, Zembula uses AI to automatically pick a winner after sufficient data has been collected to determine which content is performing the best.

Setting it up is simple. Navigate to the Optimization section of the dashboard, and click the icon at the top of the page. Name your test, and then select one of the images you want to use in the test.

Inside the optimize dashboard, select Add Variant, and then select the other piece of content you would like to use in the test. Set a fallback, if desired.

If you want to track for clicks or revenue, you can install our universal code on your site before the closing body tag. In the section that says For Goal Tracking Page Only, change the text 1234.99 to whatever your revenue or click goal is.

Then, in the optimize dashboard select from the drop down what you want to optimize for, clicks or revenue.

Then click Publish at the upper right of the dashboard, then Export from the dropdown menu next to it. Simply copy and paste the code into your email template and check back to see which variant wins! If at any point you want to reset your data and start over, click refresh experiment, and the process will begin again.

To view a video tutorial for this and other Zembula features, click here.

Need help? Email us at support@zembula.com.

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