Shopify provides API access to abandoned carts. This can be accessed via a private or custom app. The following instructions describe how to enable private apps and how to set up api keys and abandoned cart access.

1. Enable Private App Creation

This must be done by the company store owner:

  1. Log In to store

  2. Go to “Apps” in left menu

  3. Click “Manage Private Apps”

  4. Click “Enable private app development”

  5. Check the boxes and click “Enable private app development”

2. Create a Private App

  1. Under “Apps” and “manage private apps”, Click “Create private app”

  2. Set name to “Zembula - Abandoned Cart”, set an email for person responsible, click “show inactive admin API permissions” and add “Order” and “Product” read permissions make sure admin API permission for Orders and Products are set to Read access:

  3. Add Storefront API permissions(defaults)

  4. “Save” and “Create App”

  5. Copy out “Api key”, “password”, “example URL”, and upload the file to your folder.

Note: DO NOT share any API credentials via email.

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