Loyal customers are key to your marketing strategy because they’re not only motivated to purchase but they’re also excited to connect with your brand and share your content. This means they provide a higher lifetime value than the average customer. In fact, a loyal purchaser can be up to 10x more valuable to your brand over their lifetime.

So how do you get started in crafting these strong relationships and fostering brand loyalty or even evangelism? Loyalty is created through positive interactions with your brand. Active engagement is the key that makes the difference. The more active engagement you have, the stronger your connection to the customer becomes.

What do we mean by active engagement? We’re talking about the amount of time spent with your brand and the effort put forth by the customer. It’s proven that a customer’s value estimation of your message goes up when effort is required to obtain it, also known as The Ikea Effect.

Zembula Experiences are the perfect way to connect with your customers and foster their feelings of loyalty because this psychological principle is one of the foundations our platform is built upon.

This means that your customers will inherently find your content more valuable once they’ve completed interacting because they’ve put in some effort to obtain it. Plus, Experiences are fun and engaging, unlike boring static content that’s been seen a million times.

Zembula Experiences are perfect for feeding your customers interesting content and fun facts, not just for delivering enticing discounts.

By fostering a customer’s feelings of connection to your brand, you make them more likely to be an evangelist for you in the future. Most importantly, we believe that you don’t have to take a bite out of your revenue to create active engagement!

There are lots of ways to use Experiences to drive customer loyalty without offering a discount, and we’ve created this series of informational articles to help you see the other ways our platform can be used to connect with your customers.

From driving revenue, to creating brand engagement, to a multitude of “set and forget” transactional or triggered cases, we’re here to help you connect with your customers and create strong relationships that foster loyalty.

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