Zembula’s analytics dashboard enables you to dive deeper into your experiences’ performance with the ability to view metrics by campaign or date.

View metrics by campaign

By clicking on the box at the top of your analytics dashboard labeled "Choose an Experience," you can choose a specific experience and view the individual metrics of that campaign.

By clicking multiple campaigns, you can select multiple campaigns to view the combined totals.


If you are looking for performance metrics for a specific snippet that you have embedded on your website, you can click on the snippet itself, and then view high level performance metrics including views, interactions and CTA clicks. Keep in mind, however, that this data will include performance metrics for all experiences that are a part of that snippet.

View metrics by date

By clicking on the calendar icon in the upper right hand corner of your analytics dashboard, you can set a specific date range to view your analytics.

Click here to learn about the various data the Zembula Analytics Dashboard collects.

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