The more a customer touches your brand online, the more their feelings of trust and their awareness of your brand will grow. Finding as many ways as you can to provide value to your recipients fosters a reciprocal relationship that will lead them to become eventual evangelists for your brand.

The fun provided by a Zembula Experience is the perfect way to build this type of loyal relationship that leads to higher conversions and more customers.

Driving Customers to Recurring Content Resources


Providing customer value in the form of education is key for many industries, but becomes especially crucial when asking them to make major financial decisions. The financial sector can use Zembula Experiences to drive customers to a newsletter sign up and inform them with relevant content on a regular basis. Be sure to stress the value of your offer by activating the customer’s fear of missing out (FOMO). Let them know that they’re missing valuable knowledge if they miss your newsletter.


B2B companies are already well aware of the importance of content marketing, and most will have a blog program that provides recipients with valuable and shareable information. Use an experience to direct consumers to receive emails when your blog publishes new content. It’s especially important in the B2B space to keep your customers informed, so getting them to opt in to an RSS Feed notification will keep them more engaged with your brand.


Retail and E-commerce brands can provide their customers with fun updates and create feelings of loyalty by using a Zembula Experience to drive recipients to a newsletter sign up and make sure you hit their inboxes over and over again. When you foster strong relationships with your customers by sending them a recurring newsletter with fun interaction, they begin to look forward to correspondence from your brand.

Driving Customers to Connect with Your Brand on Social Media

Social media has proven itself important for marketing department across all brands. Engaging with your customers in their social feeds brings personality to your brand and ensures they’ll feel involved in your company. Use Experiences to entice customers to connect with you in a fun interactive way.


It’s important to connect with customers in as many places online as you can for all industries, but especially for direct to consumer retail brands. Use an Experience to grow your social media reach and foster greater brand awareness. By getting recipients to interact in a fun way, you set yourself up as an entertaining brand worth following on social media.

Subscription-based Services

Reciprocal customer relationships are crucial for subscription based services, who require their customers continual use of their product or service. Encouraging your users to connect with you on social media ensures your brand remains relevant in their life. Once you’re connected on social media, your updates will remind them of your service and ensure they remain loyal subscribers.


For hotels and other travel services, brand awareness is the key to remaining top of mind for your consumers. Ensure they think of your company the next time they’re planning to travel by connecting with them on social media and maintaining a reciprocal relationship with them. Using an experience to drive social connections primes them to consider your brand as a fun, interactive company to follow on Twitter or Facebook.


Provide your customers with value in the form of knowledge, and keep them entertained with fun interactivity. If you can prove your company is on the edge of thought-leadership, your recipients will look forward to your communications and the value they offer.

Driving Educational Resources Sign Ups/ Downloads


A pain point most B2B businesses face is that their products can require a high level of customer knowledge. Using Experiences to support customer success and foster feelings of loyalty by driving recipients to sign up for educational webinars or classes. Ensure your knowledge-based resources reach your customers by enticing them with entertaining interactivity.


For companies that ask their recipients to make complex financial decisions, providing them with the right information to feel confident enough to purchase is key. Use Zembula Experiences to ensure customers remember and value your knowledge-based content. If you can provide them with the information they need to prime them to purchase, you’ll help build their confidence in your company.

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