One great feature of the Zembula platform is its robust analytics dashboard. From high level analytics such as the number of interactions or clicks on your call to action to more detailed data such as what device type visitors are interacting with your experiences on, the dashboard gives you a lot of information that can give you many insights about the performance of your Zembula experiences.

Performance Graph

In addition to giving you specific numbers of page views, interactions and CTA clicks, the data is also displayed in a time-based graph so you can see the performance of your experiences over time. This is particularly useful to see the way viewers interact with your campaigns from when you first launch them to when they expire.

Unique Page Views

Another useful piece of information is the unique page views. This is the number of individuals who have interacted with your page, and multiple page views from the same person are only given once. This gives you a more accurate portrayal of the performance of your experience.

Engagement Time

The analytics dashboard also provides you with insightful information about how long users are interacting with your experiences - both an average of the time each individual spent interacting, but also the total amount of time all visitors have spent interacting. This, combined with the high level data about page views and interactions, can give you keen insights about the strength of your creative and messaging. For example, if you have a lot of pageviews but not a lot of interactions and click throughs, and if your average engagement time is quite short, it may be an indicator that you need to revisit the messaging and creative to entice visitors to interact more.

Traffic Info

Traffic information is also incredibly beneficial to help you deliver the best possible experiences. For example, If you see that the majority of your interactions are done on a mobile device, you’ll want to make sure your designs are clear enough to read on an iPhone, Android or other device.

How many visitors interacted with your experience on desktop vs. mobile devices.

Completion Rate

The completion rate tells you the percent of visitors who completed the flow from viewing the page to clicking the CTA button. The higher the percentage, the better. This means that each step of the process is enticing to the viewer and leaves them wanting more, resulting in them completing the full path of interaction.

Top Performers

The top performers section allows you to compare the performance of one experience over the other. This is particularly useful if you are A/B testing some creative. Perhaps you are experimenting with two different calls to action. This data will give you keen insight about which is working better.

Date Range

If you desire to see the performance of one or more experiences over a set period of time, the dashboard enables you to do so. You can set a custom date range, or you can view performance over the current day, the past day, the past week, and the past month.

Multiple Experience Selector

Finally, if you want to see the performance of multiple experiences, you can select them from the dropdown at the top of the page. Not only can you see aggregated performance from all of the experiences combined, but, as mentioned above, you can see which experience performed the best.

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