The Zembula platform offers numerous ways to share and embed your experience (s) :

  1. Embed on your website 
  2. Via a link in email 
  3. Via a link in social media

Embed on Your Website 

The Zembula platform enables you to embed your experience directly on your website. You have the option to embed inline within your page content, as an overlay or slide-in on your web page.

Learn how to embed your experience directly on your website

Via a Link in Email

You can share your experience with your email list by using a static or animated hint image that links to your experience on an interstitial page hosted on our servers. 

Learn how to share your experience via email

Via a Link in Social Media

Zembula experiences can be used in any social platform that allows for links. Simply create your experience and then copy/paste that link into your social channel such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Learn more about sharing across social channels

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